Novel point-of-care diagnostics for earlier disease detection.

SANO Diagnostics is developing a range of disposable, cost-effective point-of-care diagnostics to detect the early onset of inflammation in several disease states.

The targeted indications include chronic wounds, osteoarthritis (in both humans and animals), several forms of cancer, gum disease, and ocular rosacea.

Our vision is to help patients and their clinicians catch diseases earlier, greatly improving quality of life and significantly reducing costs associated with advanced disease. By developing cost-effective point-of-care devices, our aim is to provide truly global solutions that can make positive impacts on all markets.

We are a development company, and aim to partner with commercial leaders in each of the various targeted disease states to bring our products to market.

Based on the widespread applicability of our technology to several large markets, our intellectual property, and the low cost of our devices, SANO Diagnostics has won several awards/recognitions, including:

  • 1st place - Harvard Business School Boston Club (judged by VC, angel, legal/service professionals)

  • 1st place - Mass Medical Device Development Center (judged by Smith & Nephew, UMass Medical, legal/service professionals)

  • 1st place - Venture Forum 5 Minute Pitch

  • Finalist - Harvard Business School New Venture Competition (judged by HBS alumni)

  • 2015 Finalist - $50K Gold Award, MassChallenge (judged by investors, serial entrepreneurs, academic and for-profit execs)