Simplifying detection of Inflammatory Markers relevant to multiple diseases.

SANO Diagnostics’ technology is founded on the ability to detect certain markers of inflammation, a class of proteins known as proteases.

In various disease states, including chronic wounds, osteoarthritis (in both humans and animals), several forms of cancer, gum disease and ocular rosacea, specific proteases - gelatinases - are upregulated and detectable in bodily fluids such as wound fluid, synovial fluid in joints, urine, saliva and tears.

Currently, tests used to identify the presence of these inflammatory markers are labor intensive and time consuming, requiring specialized equipment and skill. None of them can be done by the patient at home and none can deliver point-of-care quantitative results.

Our patents (both issued and pending) are based on certain metallic colloidal suspensions that change color – either in a lateral flow strip or in solution – depending on their concentration.

These colloidal suspensions are coated with gelatin. During times when the gelatin coating is left undisturbed, the color remains at its baseline level. However, when gelatinases that are associated with inflammation are introduced into the diagnostic devices, the gelatin is broken down at levels which correlate to the concentration of the gelatinases present within the device. This exposes the metallic colloidal particles and leads to the overall suspension changing color rapidly – from pink to purple to blue to gray.

Results from our diagnostic devices will be both colorimetric (visual) and quantitative (measured by a simple external device) leading to precise measurements of the presence of targeted proteases, and will be determined within 5 minutes after introduction of the bodily fluid into the device.